Best Tips for a Fantastic trip to Amsterdam.

best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam

Best Tips for an Awesome Trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam, North Holland, the Capital City of the Netherlands, the City of  Dam, surrounded by waters, yet unsinkable, the beautiful canals, and last but not least the city of contradictions, is indeed famous for being the drug and sex capital of Europe beside the capital of KLM 😀 Its many water streams canals gives in way more than that. Wild and energetic yet peaceful and historical. Amsterdam is a Major touristy hotspot without losing that local feel as beautiful as Venice but cooler somehow. Overflowing with architectural treasures, atmospheric communities, trendy inventive restaurants and swish hip boutiques – the city that never sleeps is effortlessly among the most exciting places to go to on the planet. A raw energy like no other city into the world and a energetic passion for art and design, many hotels compared to the endless sleep the Big Apple aren’t anything quick of dazzling with a diverse populace of larger-than-life characters!

Best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam
Best tips for an awesome trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam the spot to get weird party, exploring the many sites and figure out why this little city is so damn wonderful. So grab a joint or don’t. And let me show you one of my favorite cities in the world. Amsterdam here we come. Let’s start with an easy one.

Tip number one. Getting to the city from the airport is incredibly simple. Just take the train from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station in the northern part of the city centre and you’re there.

The city is so small if you’re staying in central Amsterdam, you can pretty much just walk from the station to your hotel or hostel unless you’re staying outside the city center or you’re schlepping a ton of luggage. Yeah, I love that those are not working right now. In which case you can take the metro or a tram. And speaking of hostels, let me just say right off the bat, this city is expensive. So if you’re on a budget, a hostel might be your only option. However, don’t fret. Amsterdam has great hostels.

My favorite is Coco Mama, super relaxed, friendly, helpful staff, the great community without that douchey party hostel feel and they also have nightly group activities. This is easily one of my favorite hostels in Europe.

best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam


Tip number two prepare for inclement weather. Amsterdam is the San Francisco of Europe. No matter what time of year, you look at the weather and you think oh, it’s gonna be great, but somehow it will surprise you. It will rain or be windy at least one of the days you were there.

So just plan on that man. Right. We joke that Amsterdam’s new slogan should be Amsterdam, the city where umbrella is going to die.

Tip number Three. Aside from walking, the best way to get around Amsterdam is to ride a bike. Seeing the city from a bike is wonderful. It’s also an incredibly bike friendly city. There are designated bike lanes everywhere and even bike specific traffic lights. My favorite bike rental place is called donkey Republic.

They have shops all over Europe and their system is super simple and very convenient. Just download the app, find a bike rent it and then you can unlock it and lock it right from your phone. It’s incredibly intuitive and the company is great. I cannot recommend them enough.

If you’re traveling with a friend and want to have some fun, make sure to grab a tandem bike just make sure you bring your bike back looking like this. And not like this. Especially if that friend has no idea what he or she is doing because it is hilarious.

Plus, everyone just looks plain adorable on a tandem bike. Come on. Look it up cute we are.


Tip number Four, explore the red light district near Rembrandtsplein or Leidseplein, exactly in front of Heineken Museum. Alright, let’s just get this one out of the way. Yes, the red light district is home to the many prostitutes in Amsterdam and if you’re into that kind of thing, there is no shortage of sexy time opportunities. That being said the red light district is one of the oldest and most historic little sections of Amsterdam wander around and take in all that has to offer. helpful tip Do not try and film the prostitutes in their windows. They do not appreciate it. I’ve heard they actually have cups of tea on hand to throw at tourists who try and take pictures of them. Seriously. Look it up. That was my favorite shirt.

best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam
Moulin Rouge Amsterdam


Tip number Five you know that I travel on my stomach my obsession for food knows no bounds. That being said, and I may catch some for my Dutch friends for saying this Amsterdam isn’t exactly the corner apex of Europe However, there are some gems to be found. Not the least of which is one of the single greatest pieces of anything I have ever shoveled into my mouth. The Dutch bank. If you eat nowhere else in Amsterdam, you must I repeat must eat at the pancake bakery and the Euro done the pancakes. beside the Chinese town in Leidseplein in front of David Lloyd’s Gym: Tja Siu, BBQ pork, Won Ton Soup or the Herrings across Amsterdam canal Shops or even Pomme Frites and Kroket which is  everywhere across Amsterdam

Here are a few Revelation thin, perfectly textured. My favorite is the apple bacon but they’re all great. Try savory one like mushroom and cheese. And the Haarlem Soul Food in West Amsterdam

best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam
Haarlem Soul Food Amsterdam

If you’re not in the sweets to top off the pancakes, you have a magical concoction that I can only assume is made from molasses and unicorn tears, stroke. This will change your world. The owner of the place is one of the nicest people I’ve met in my travels. You’ve ruined other pancakes for me from now on. I’m only going to be able to come here. Sorry. So thank you for that. I appreciate it. Thank you. Next up on my list are two of my favorite cafes in the city.

The pantry is a charming little restaurant serving up delicious and simple traditional Dutch fare. Make sure to try the hood spot. Bowden cool. And Zukin done.

But now that pronunciation it’s basically sausage or meatballs served with three different kinds of flavored mashed potatoes from sauerkraut to kaylin bacon, the stewed beef with carrots, all of which are unique and stupid delicious. Cafe De Clow has some ribs but are damn tasty. And finally, Amsterdam is home to some of the best Indonesian food I’ve had outside of Indonesia.

best tips for an awesome trip to Amsterdam

The reason for this is because Indonesia was actually colonized by the Dutch. My favorite Indonesian places Semporna located in Singel Amsterdam, they offer affordable tasting menus to share with friends. Everything I’ve had here has been nothing short of sensational also raw herring may not sound all that appealing, but it’s a staple of the region there stands everywhere and it is surprisingly delicious. Last but not least, Indrapura at Rembrandtsplein or Kantjil/De Tijger at Spui.


Tip No 6 visit a coffee shop. Bulldog CoffeeShop the oldest in Amsterdam. Have you ever watched Deuce Bigalow? aint we old! thats the place where the shoot was taken..

Amsterdam is euphemism for weed cafe and partake in one of the city’s most famous recreational activities, cannabis. Now I have to admit I don’t personally partake in the flower, but I’d be remiss not to at least recommend some places. So I have some local friends and they told me about two terrific little shops catsuit coffee shop, and my personal favorite Galleria coffee shop JoJo, a supervisory place to sit down, chill, get some work done, hang out with friends and of course, smoke a doobie. I have to admit Amsterdam’s cannabis culture is pretty damn cool.

best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam


Tip No. 7 Explore some of Amsterdam’s most charming neighborhoods. First up is the your Don gorgeous old crooked buildings line quiet beautiful canals full of charming cafes, quiet streets and quaint little alleys, ride your bike around or just stroll the streets and take it all in. Another of my favorite neighborhoods is slightly outside the tourist the center of the city called the pipe a nice mix of expats and locals. This is where I would want to live if I move to hang out and surf Betty Park get some of the best brunch in the city of little Collins. Oh, and don’t miss the Albert cuyp Street Market, known for being the largest open air market in Europe. It’s flippin huge. Wow.

While at the market buy some t shirts are some craft samples of delectable Dutch sweets like stroopwafels or just marvel at the creepiest collection is severed mannequin heads ever assembled.

Tip Number Eight explore Vondel Park and if the weather’s nice, have a picnic, take a nap in the grass, ride your bike, dance around like an idiot. Whatever floats your boat. There’s even an original Picasso sculpture you can check out just hanging out in the park simply named the fish if I’m not mistaken, I believe he designed the piece to represent the devil eating a Dutch pink.

But it’s a Picasso so it’s kind of hard to tell could just be a fish. Note. Remember what I said about the inclement weather.

Tip Number Nine visit the Anne Frank House. Now, out of respect, I didn’t film anything inside. But suffice it to say this is one of the most fascinating sobering and haunting museum experiences anywhere in the world. The only problem is it can get very busy in the lines can be a bit untenable. So I recommend booking your spot ahead online for a specific time. It takes a little more planning but that way you get a skip the massive line.

Tip Number 10 since there’s no real good transition from Anne Frank, I’m just going to go in the complete opposite direction and say eat a space cake and visit Van Gogh Museum. Now for the Van Gogh Museum. The space cake part of this equation isn’t necessary, but it won’t hurt. The most famous place to get a space cake is probably the Bulldog. They have instructions on them. Put this in your mouth for first timers. If you’ve never eaten one, start with half. Whatever you do, don’t eat the whole thing. Oh yeah, he did say eat some of it and see how you feel. Whoops. Let’s go see some art. Currently in the self portrait section, it’s just a wall full of these self portraits by Van Gogh, these were the first selfies but these selfies took like months to make. Back in the day it was there was a there was a commitment you committed to that selfie Van Gogh said a true peasant painting should smell like bacon, smoke and potatoes. I know that because there was a plaque next to the painting that said, Van Gogh said, a true peasant painting it should smell like bacon, smoke and potatoes.

Tip number 11. If you’re looking for nightlife: PANAMA, PARADISO, ESCAPE, 3 biggest names or head to Rembrandt square and hit up some of Amsterdam’s most poppin nightclubs, and yes, apparently I still use the word hoppin, because I’m 34 and legally out of touch with what’s cool today.

best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam
Escape Amsterdam

In addition to nightclubs make sure to hit up some of Amsterdam’s cool pubs and smaller bars to great options are dual famous for being the first hip hop bar in Amsterdam and snappers restaurant by day. Awesome cocktail bar by night.

Tip number 12. Hop on a boat and take a ride in the canals. This is one of the best ways to see the city. Amsterdam has 165 canals each one more ridiculously delightful than the next as far as which boat to take. There are many options from hop on hop off tours to fancy dinner boats to private boats. But my favorite is to take a little open boat. I had a great experience with stromer beautiful tour, relaxed vibe. And I actually learned some stuff, bring a beer relax

best tips for an awesome trip to amsterdam

Tip Number 13. If you have more than a couple of days take a day trip outside the city to see some windmills and a castle or tour buses that take you to see some of the Netherlands countryside: Leiden, Volendam, etc including some beautiful tulips but I’m not really a fan of organized tours. So we just rented a car so we can be on our own time.  went to the beautiful zone so Sean’s and Castiel the heart medieval times, eat your heart out this episode of cribs, we’re taking a look inside Castiel just famous for its pulling key castle thing.

Tip No 14 feel free to ignore everything I’ve said here don’t make a plan and just wander the city with all the Amsterdam has to offer. My favorite thing to do here will always be to simply walk around or hop on a bike and take in its beauty. Every corner of this town offers some unique VISTA some piece of history, maybe a prostitute or 50. Do yourself a favor and take a moment to simply get lost within its beautiful canals. I promise you won’t regret it. Also take some time to hang out with the locals the Dutch people are laid back open minded, fun loving and just plain awesome.

Tip No 15. Get free beers at Amsterdam Heineken Museum near Leidseplein. A small fraction of the cost, we got all historic backgrounds on the origin of Heineken, its history, their old equipments used to engineer all of it. Last but not least, enjoy Amsterdam to the fullest! even vist Universiteit Van Amsterdam near Meer en Vaart for enjoying the view of combination of Modern + Old Buildings!

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