Places that are Surprisingly Interesting for Funny Reasons

Places that are interesting because of funny rather stupid reasons 😀 And today I wanted to write about something really useful. You can do a map, which is to talk about places you’d like to go, or would like to see. But in less abstract terms than is normally done. People like to talk about places like, Oh, it’s so far away. But not using a map like we can do today.

We can talk very specifically about interesting places, especially interesting places I’d like to see except instead of doing this, the Norway may like, Hey, here’s five places and where they are on a map. What if I showed you five places I really love to go to for really stupid reasons. Instead, that’s what we’re doing now.

I hope you look forward to it. Because if you don’t, then bad news, it’s happening anyway.

Because the first example is going to be Sweden. I love Sweden.

I’ve been there quite a few different times. It’s one of my favourites, you know, Nordic countries, I’d say after Norway, maybe Iceland. You know, it’s like right up there, in Nordic countries always worth visiting. And the thing about Sweden is Stockholm is a very big city. It’s a city so big, in fact, that it has quite a few different airports. And most of these airports are really far away from the city. Whenever I fly, I generally fly budget airlines and that means that instead of being Okay, here’s Stockholm, I end up flying into an airport. That’s all the way down in New York copying it’s a whole pain to get to. But one of the things about Stockholm you might not know is it has one major airport, the most major airlines use. It’s called Stockholm Arlanda fleet Platts, if you want to, you know, know the full name, but it’s called Stockholm Arlanda. And there’s a really interesting thing about this airport and that it has quite a few accommodation options nearby.

There’s quite unusual and normal hotel shore, there’s all these sorts of things you can do even airside I do believe but the interesting thing is if you do decide to leave the airport, there’s a place you can choose to stay called jumbo stay. So you know, have a forum this channel, we spoken about how the biggest planes in the world, despite costing the most often end up being worth the least in the end. Well, one of the funny things is that 747 their values go down so much after the fact that it was actually a reasonable thing for a hostel again. Not even like a fancy hotel, like a weird boutique thing. A hostel bought out a 747 litre down next to the airport, I don’t know how they transport to that area. So they kind of drove it across. But they basically decided to turn this 747 into a hostel and apparently they got some sponsorship going on on the side of the plane, which is interesting. But yeah, Jumbo state is a hostel inside of a 747 I love planes, as you’re probably aware, and I want to go to the airport at some point, you know, Stockholm airport that the main one to the expensive airport, just so I can go inside a 747 and stay inside it.

747 Jumbo Hostel Sweden

Isn’t this the coolest thing? This is definitely the coolest thing. This is actually one of the things because it’s generally cheaper to fly to East Asia and to Australia, New Zealand, from, you know, Europe if you fly by the Nordic countries, especially in a premium cabin, because there isn’t as much demand I assume.

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But you know, regardless what the reasoning is, it’s way cheaper to fly from the Nordic countries. And usually I do it by Oslo because again, I love Norway so much. But that you know, for one time, my next Australia trip in October, I’m going to be doing it from you know, Stockholm just so I can stay in this hotel.

Look at it. It’s even got the staircase and arm and everything about this. It’s so cool. And yeah, did you know there is a giant seven pole that you can stay inside in Stockholm? I bet you didn’t. And if you did, then I bet I feel silly right now.

But yeah, speaking of places that are really interesting that you can show on a map. One of the things I’ve always had troubles you know, showing and talking about is probably the Maldives because the Maldives, where is it on the map right now it’s not right in Maldives is a country you have to zoom in real close to see.

And it’s a fascinating country because unlike most countries where there’s a continuous matte landmass of some form, even islands are pretty close to that the Maldives is a lot of islands and kind of smaller, you know, reefs and islands and stuff. Like it’s basically a very confusing country to probably get a grip on. And in fact, even finding the capital city for me is a you know, oftentimes a bit of a challenge.

Like it’s somewhere around here, because all of these little islands have a few people living on them. For the most part. Look at this right here. This is a reasonably sized Island. I’ll look there’s a you know, low convenience store. There’s a cafe, the cosy cafe it sounds nice, but yeah, there’s loads of islands very separated from each other. And it means that if you want to go do something like oh, yeah, I’m assuming ligand seven without even knowing anything about it. I’m assuming that lagoon seven is one of those places with the overwater bungalows that everyone loves about the Maldives right? But the truth is the Maldives isn’t all about that as you might guess from it. Okay, here’s a here’s a nice little result. And this is not a nicer result. But the Maldives is famous for great beach views because it’s basically a beach country right?

But if you So the interesting thing is that the Maldives is therefore different to most countries and that the capital city Mali, in case you’re curious, is seen as like an actual city and a land of otherwise beach places. Usually if you go to pick any destination, you know Japan and you stand a resort people be like so you didn’t see the real Japan instead you stayed in a resort if you go to any country in Spain or Mexico or whatever else you didn’t see the real country if you didn’t go outside the resort or the beach or whatever.

See now the interesting thing about Maldives is their capital city Mali has 150,000 people on Yeah, not an island. This size, by the way has 150,000 people living on it which you know, like even though that’s not too many for a big city, having that many people on one island is literal insanity.

It’s one of the most packed cities air conditioning isn’t a thing despite the temperatures there because it’s not a particularly rich country. The Maldives is an interesting place where the way the majority of the locals live is not the Maldives you want to see, you know, when you say people, you go to the Maldives and you show them a picture of like, okay, let’s zoom in on a random street right here. If you show them a picture from here at the Ministry of Islamic affairs, they’re gonna be like so I mean, you know, that’s not what I thought you were doing that you spent a lot of money to get there. But I guess you know, the Ministry of Islamic affairs is a pretty nice building. What about over here randomly, actually, this is a nice low Cricket Ground given the limited land on the island This is not Cricket Ground. This is a football ground. You know, football, cricket only really the same sport if you think about it, but ya know, the issue about this place is that everyone goes to the Maldives for these expensive islands.

But there’s so beyond any reasonable person’s price range, like I don’t know, the level of rich I have to get to where like, I can be like, yeah, the motif seems like a good holiday. But as well as the flights to the Maldives, which are more expensive, because they know all these other things more expensive, you then have to, you know, get a seaplane from this airport to your island, you might be like, okay, seaplane, I mean, it’s like not going to cover that much distance, right? So you know, how cheap is not going to be no minimum, these are hundreds of dollars, the you know, sometimes your hotel slightly subsidises them. And I might be like, Oh, it’s only $275 each way to get to your hotel, and it’s like, wow, 550, just to get to the hotel, and oh, the hotels run secluded islands. So even if you do get a reasonable rate, which you won’t, by the way, it’s gonna cost you close to 1000. For a really nice one, maybe for really the lower end ones, a few 100. But even if you get a good rate on the, you know, the hotel, you’re trapped on an island, you are a captive customer, they can charge you 60 euros a meal, I think six years is extended, and like, what are you going to do, you’re going to just like, go to the local convenience store, you can’t unlock the secluded items I’m going to try and I don’t know any of them off my head because again, I’m not a luxury destination person. But it is worth mentioning that if you want to go to the Maldives, it is absurdly expensive. And yeah, therefore, I’d love to go to the Maldives, you know, take it off the country list, but then only visit the city which is like, again, not recommended for tourists. Because there’s something to be said about going to a place that non recommends seeing the real country in when people don’t.

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When I went to Indonesia, I everyone said don’t go to Jakarta, even like travel guides, like yeah, Jakarta has nothing for tourists. And I was like, there’s 10 million people in Jakarta, there’s got to be some reason they live there something fun that you know, someone can do there. Because there’s an international airport international airports mean tourists, tourists means something for tourists to do. And although there was a couple of things, it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life in so many ways. But that was also kind of cool in its own ways. I’d say So yeah, that’s why I’d love to go to the capital of Maldives. And Yep, this is, this is why I’m here, it’d be an intriguing experience. And I could be like, oh, I’ve been motifs. Here’s my picture of the Islamic affairs museum was that. So next up, we’re just going to go to a much simpler example rather than explaining what real you know going somewhere in some ways and let’s talk about Barcelona because I have been to Madrid in Spain before I’ve been when Dora as well which I went to via Barcelona, which is when I spotted that the domain name expansion for Catalonia because when the internet was fairly new, there was only top level domains tlds for countries which were you know, foreign countries like Dakota, UK and dot d, etc.

But the interesting thing is that the you know, now nowadays there’s domains all sorts of things and sub national entities so don’t use a domain Fun fact domain domain won’t be able to be used by any UK citizens after Brexit so pro tip for their watch out don’t domain but it also means that there’s domains like dot Scott and there’s also domains like doc guest the one for Catalonia guests all that domain is guests it gets it gets it oh man is duck cat. I love it. So again, I bx to cat I bx toy cat, you might guess it’s kind of cool being like, Oh, yeah, this would be the domain if I got an extra ExpressVPN sponsorship, you better believe Express cat would be the thing. The fact that their domain is dot cat means that even if I didn’t like my boss donor experience, and I don’t know, like, it doesn’t strike me as something I would really love too much. I’ve said this before, but like the English proficiency in Spanish isn’t considered very good, which makes it hot. Like I’m not good at communicating with people in English, let alone languages. I don’t speak you know, like Magento is an ignorant reason to avoid some but it’s just like it’s, it’s it’s a fact. Like, it’s harder to eat local food if you can’t you engage with anyone who is local in a place, etc, etc. But yeah, basically, there’s nothing about Barcelona that particularly interests me, I’m sure it’s a great city. There’s so many great things.

I can look at the map like Oh, look, there’s the Arc de Triumph. I’d love to go to the Arc de Triomphe like that’s that’s a thing I fought yet to go to another country for. But look, here it is. In Barcelona. It’s a nice arch to would be cool to be there. But I would love to go look at these guys holding up the picture. You know, I hope they’re happily together. So but um, that was a year ago, so probably not. But yeah, I would love to go to a city like this. Because even if I didn’t enjoy it, which I have a sneaking suspicion I wouldn’t. I mean, all of the dot cat thing. I’d have a great day on Twitter posting jokes and pictures from all the sorts of things. And if that’s not a reason to go to a country, then you tell me what it is. And in case you are thinking like, okay, check out this video. It’s gone a bit insane.

So let’s, let’s take things down a notch, take the insanity down just a little bit. Because you know what, Nigeria is a country that I really want to know more about. It’s a one of the countries which is fast becoming one of the most populated on Earth. It’s somewhere between like eight and six right now. It’s rising really fast. If you want to remember the population rankings, it’s easy to remember like, Oh, yeah, China, India, Indonesia, US top four, it’s locked in place for the next quite a long time.

You know, Japan’s always falling from like, you know, like six to eight to 12. But it’s Japan’s falling down. The top four are staying steady, but in between, like, you know, four and about 10. everything is mixed up, because there are a lot of African countries growing very fast. And to give an example of that, you might be like, what do you mean by this? 10 years ago, Nigeria had 150 million people. Today, there is over 200 million Nigerians living in the country.

That’s kind of crazy. Right? So anyway, so if you wanted to go to Nigeria, I would love to go to Lagos the mobile a well let gas. What’s that got going for it? Like, you know, the Yabba railway station? Yep. That’s, that’s what it is. It’s the Barrow station. You’ve got me guys. I would love to see this. internationally. Let’s see. Is it a nice railway station? Oh, I mean, you know, it’s, this is a nice railway station, I’d love to go to Yeah, by rail station. But no, the real reason I’d love to go to like, you might have guessed by now, I’ve got a thing. I like flying, I do a lot of research and checking into it. So I would love to one day go to the Lagos airport. Because African airports like a whole different level. Like, every airport around the world is kind of like in this international zone. as best I understand it from all the things I’ve looked up red, etc.

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African airports don’t really exist in this international world. Instead, it’s like, Africa light in some places. Well, like oh, yeah, a lot of the things that you might expect from Africa are also in the airports even stuff like Oh, yes, like air conditioning now. I mean, like, obviously, like, Who needs air conditioning? It’s not like it’s always, but you get the point. Like, there’s a lot of things like that, but like, you know, like basic, I’m trying to think of something that’s less like creature comforts that you might be like, well, I don’t have air conditioning.

But like, there’s a lot of very basic things like you know, that you would expect from an airport that are not necessarily in major African airports. And one example of this by the way, Murtala Mohammed International Airport, I’d like to just quickly point out the Murtala Mohammed is one of the military dictators of Nigeria.

And the craziest bit is his he wasn’t even Long, long live one. He was in office from the 30th of July to February, that is, what eight months, seven months off the top my head, he was a military ruler for seven months. And he gets them one of them major international airports named after him.

Okay, that’s wacky toy cat. So you want to go to an airport? Because you heard it’s terrible. You’ve heard it doesn’t have any modern amenities. And because it’s named after a dictator, a really old dictator that’s like, you know, like, only was in charge for seven months. And yes, that’s part of the reason I want to go to like an intense African, like, see what it’s really all about. See if anyone asked me for a bribe. Again, I this this sounds like a made up thing. I wouldn’t believe this if I hadn’t read it so many times. But it’s just expected, like, Oh, yeah, you want to get into the country? Well, I mean, if you give me enough time, I might do it legitimately. Or give me a bribe. I mean, if you think about it, all border force workers all over the world. They’re just people, they they’re making decisions as a person. And if there’s no accountability, you better believe they’ll use it to make money. And yeah, that’s kind of interesting. But then it gets even better.

So recently, Murtala Mohammed International Airport which to show you inside which every day, I realised we should do that. This is the airport actually looks pretty.

Okay. Yeah, it looks pretty nice. You know, this, this is better than the pictures I’ve seen. And I mean, not particularly great. It’s a weird place to take a photo right there. Like, you know, we’re gonna go to the bathroom. We’re gonna leave our water here. And then we’re, yeah, like that’s, that seems to be what they’ve done here. But yeah, so it looks, it looks a little bit rough. From here. It’s not too bad. What is it about the airport that interests me?

Well, this is meant to be one of the most intense airports. It’s one of the few airports where there’s a armed escort for most flight attendants. For most countries. If you have an overnight stop there, they bring armed guards to the airport, which is like, Huh, that says some interesting signs about what happens on there. And then interesting enough, so there was a big story recently, where a dude flew on the side of the plane, he didn’t fly into he, he walked onto the site. And he tried to sit inside the engine thinking I’ll stay inside the end of the flight, and then when we were gone, that’d be the plan. He got to domestic flights. So it wasn’t even gonna go anywhere else. There’s a lot of stupid things with that plan. Like so many stupid things that plan like, Okay, sit inside the engine. Do you know what happens inside the engines? Okay, well, that’s that’s the thing you should know. Tried to go to a different country on a domestic flight. Okay. I mean, who doesn’t? Who doesn’t know the routes, but you get the point. It’s a really stupid thing. You can see the guy just like what is what is even happening here, right? Like, like it’s, it’s, it’s weird. It’s wacky, it’s bizarre. But here’s the deal, right? If you then look at the this, this story that I’m going to put up right here. The reason that it happened is because they didn’t have fences, they’ve started to build fences. Now, a major international airport didn’t have fences or cameras or you know, any Proper, like detection devices.

It was just a Oh yeah, you walk from the local area into the airport. That is insane to me. I think Google Maps it should show that right? Yeah. It’s like, Oh, yeah, here’s the edge of the airport. Here is the place. There’s no perimeter face. You can just walk straight onto the runway until I guess you go there. That’s insane to me. I’m curious. It gets me It gets my my mental gears going. But you might say, well, I can’t Okay, then. That’s that’s a fascinating airport, you won’t go to the railway station, and you want to go to their airport. That sounds like you’re being sarcastic though. And just in case you think that is true.


Let me talk about the place I’d most like to go. Because it is in our glorious, you know, home of North Korea. So although I actually don’t remember it, because like my, my North Korean joke pretends to suck because whenever you like, try to look around North Korea, you get nothing legitimate, like okay, let’s check out all the streetview spots around. There’s there’s two in Pyongyang it looks like and then there’s how many in the rest of the country?

Yeah, we got Pyongyang and we’ve got right up to the Russian border. Oh, there’s one over here, right on the North Korean Russian border, where we’ve got a monument to our glorious leader and the workers revolution. This is really nice air Ashley probably took a lot of extra work than it probably was required. But still, it’s kind of nice. But anyway, you may have heard about a place you know, called masks pass. So this is the massive carry on. I can’t pronounce Korean words do like I if it was South Korean, I feel bad about knowing how to pronounce it.

But since it’s North Korean, it’s okay to be ignorant. So it’s called the massive Cairo ski resort. And it’s interesting because if we go to the the Google Maps reviews right here, you can see that one I mean, it opens at 9am to 9pm. And then on Wednesdays, it’s 12:48am to 9pm. Kind of weird, but the form of Google Maps in North Korea is it’s never North Koreans. So instead you just get a bunch of jokes so you have no idea like is it good or bad? Great place North Korea best kind to VISTA and not a hostage? If you don’t have a pair of skis for it, you’re not the results pleasure some made from the five bones of traitors, the betrayed, oh, glorious leader, five stars, because they show me how to make my own skis. And then you get some actual pictures. But it’s like, is this real like this? This actually looks like a nice place. I don’t know what’s going on with this ski resort.

And there’s pretty much no way to tell yourself there’s no Street View to dive in on you can satellite view it but because satellite view is based on the summer, it’s like this is this is what it looks like. I guess that’s not too useful. You know, looking at websites like right here, you can see that like, Huh, over here you can see it looks kind of nice. Probably. Is this a nice place? I genuinely do not know. I have no clue what is going on with the massacre wrong place. But I would love to go skiing there. But two reasons. One, because skiing is already kind of terrifying. Right? Like, yeah, you know, you go down hills. Every time I go skiing sounds like yeah, if your legs just cross you break your legs. It’s like I don’t understand skiing physics. Does that happen? I you know, you could convince me. But it’s fascinating enough, go to North Korea, because there’s so many just intriguing things. And also, I love ski slopes that are isolated.

I love going skiing just because when you’re in a mountain, there’s no one up there with you. So if you go in for North Korean mountain, there’s no one up there with you. And you might die. It’s all of the the frills of an adventure. And yeah, it’s only in North Korea. So yeah, if you want to go to North Korea, as best I can find the only ways in and out of from China right now. You can like this. This is a package tour from 1580 years, which is honestly not too bad when you consider it’s North Korea. But yeah, you’ve got like, Oh, yeah, you can go to this place a five day ski adventure. You can see the DMZ but from the North Koreans side, I know there’s a there’s a lot of wacky things going on. And yeah, this is why maybe one day you should go to North Korea. But I honestly I think what I want to do is I want to wait until the day the regime falls then I’m going to start planning my trip. North Korea wants tourists now if the regime falls they want more they want tourists even more right because they need to get some money going in there. I’m going to be one of the first foreign tourists of that happens because I want to go more North Korea is still scary but not like scary and they like they can just decide when you’re there you did something bad we’re gonna beat you and you know make your brain dead or whatever. I don’t want that to happen.

Airport fact trivia skirt. You know, in North Korea, I’ve heard a thing they do sometimes is when they have a flight that’s particularly empty. They fly some North Koreans around the country because they don’t have planes looking into empty because air choreo only flies to a few places and no one wants to fly them there. Skytrax is only one star airline and they’re pretty bad in every way. But yeah, now. There’s all these fascinating things I’d love to talk about one day, but today’s video is not that time. I hope you’ll enjoyed this geography. If it’s like, oh, there’s an octave triumphing in North Korea as well. I bet this one’s the best. Okay, I’ll try on It actually is the most triumphant arch. I will say, I do. I owe the road even goes through it.

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