Purple power! National park Utrechtse Heuvelrug Hilversum!

Big elements of the nationwide park Utrechtse heuvelrug are heather industries. A field that is big of lay’s around the city of Hilversum. Its technically not the province of Utrecht any more but still part of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. 

The city of Hilversum is called Media city because the brodcasting that is dutch i positioned here. Numerous radio and TV stations ar brodcasting from there. 

That’s Why often i have to Photoshop a big brodcasting antenna out of my pictures :p Instagram account season! 

We decided to make a new season, purple season :p The whole of the Dutch part of Instagram colors purple around september :p 

Sunset at the heather field!
Many photographers run in to each other “fighting” for the spot that is best. It is usually enjoyable to satisfy other photographers in the great outdoors. And it’s really beneficial to my

, need more flowers :p  

The period is quite difficult to anticipate, when there is perhaps not rain that is much flowers are late and if there is much rain in August, like in the year 2019, the purple color was extreem intens. Never have seen it lik then. InstagramSunset at the heather field! 

In the world that is second the Germans occupied the town in addition they switched this gorgeous landscape over an dough out a trance of 7 meters wide all over the town to safeguard them self’s against enemy tanks.  Following the war they filled it once more and along that route they place op some signs that are small the story. I forgot to take a picture of that :p (i met somebody i know trough here*)As you can see there are many small hiking paths around the area and yes also this time! We keep on saying it, the Netherlands is this type of little nation, it is very nearly a town :p 


I took some drone shots with this invest the morning that is early. There was a thin layer of fog over the field, that was amazing 🙂 I hope you can see it, in the editor page its not visible :p Got a YouTube link (*)! (you can take the train to Hilversum station, walk from there or take bus 108 to bus-stop Hilversum, Planetenstraat!  (**)If you want to visit this area during your trip to the Netherlands)

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