Top 10 Best Villages to travel in Switzerland

Top 10 Best Villages to travel in Switzerland.

best villages to travel in switzerland
Church Maria Del Sasso Morcote, Swiss

Best villages to travel in Switzerland. Swiss, a small country in the Alps, full of surprises, and enchanting villages. Whether up in the Alps by the lake or down in the plains, there are many villages that charm with their pretty atmosphere. Although Switzerland being rather a small country, it has a very diverse landscape, which is why one village may look very different from the other one and here we are going to disclose best villages to travel in Switzerland

Having traveled through plenty of alluring villages this and last year, I’m proud to present in my top 10 list of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland. But now let’s hop right in with number 10.

 Beautiful Gruyères

Gruyeres is no 10 of our best villages to travel in Switzerland list, Gryeres is a pretty medieval town that appears to be very humble, yet it has so much to offer. You might be very familiar with the name. Yes, it’s the world famous cheese that is named after this region. In here, many food enthusiasts will surely get more than satisfied. Korea is well known for its delicacies, classic cheese fondue, or the yummy desserts such as merengues, or berries with double cream are definitely a must try.

best villages in switzerland to travel

Being internationally well recognized for its cheese. Many of you might be surprised that this region is the home to one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland. With its many beautiful medieval houses and a castle. Gruyères definitely has its charm. In addition, its unique location on the hill provides you a great view over the surrounding landscape. Great things to doing here are a visit to the HR Giger museum and the bar and definitely the shot to the career. The latter is a museum that provides an insight into the history of the region, and furthermore hosts a very pretty garden.


best villages to travel in switzerland

Number nine is a place that you probably know very well and that is world famous Zermatt. world famous and often named as the most beautiful village of Switzerland surmount definitely well deserves to be on this top 10 list. Zermatt is attracting plenty of visitors not mainly because of its wonderful core, but because of the iconic peak called the Matterhorn. This is the primary reason why tourists would come up here besides going for skiing.

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best villages to travel in switzerland

No doubt this village can proudly claim to be the home to one of the most gorgeous views of all of Switzerland, and maybe even of the world. I highly recommend to go up to the old town. From there you will have a fantastic frontal view on the metal horn. Besides There is also the more famous Goloka which can be accessed by train. Just nearby another great spot marks that a foot say this is that iconic lake that is all over Instagram. Considerable is also the climate the home which is the highest station to be visited in all of Europe. Apart from the stunning use, do not forget to explore the very well preserved old core of the village.

But it’s also very nice about Zermatt is the fact that it’s car free and only can be accessed by train. The only vehicles allowed up there are electric shuttles. Zermatt is basically great to visit during any time of the year. During the spring and summer, you’ll get a nice contrast between the green landscape and the snowy summits. Ultimately great to get a very colorful impression. And during winter, I’d say this town is come to fairytale.


Number eight in our list of Best villages to travel in Switzerland, it is the smallest village of Switzerland. It’s located in the south in the Italian speaking part. And that is Corippo. I’m very sure that most of you have never heard of this village.

Well, there might be a strong explanation for this. Only 12 people live in here. This makes Corippo  the smallest village of Switzerland. Despite being located in the Sska valley where James Bond Golden Eye was filmed and numerous tourists go every year.

Yet this village remains unnoticed because Corippo is a hidden gem and at the same time the smallest village of Switzerland, You should come up here to enjoy the serene atmosphere. very eyecatching are the many traditional stone houses that are very typical for the canton of Ticino. With only 12 people living up here and the fact that many houses are abandoned, one may be curious about the future of this village. Luckily, some of the abandoned houses are currently under renovation. Basically, the abandoned parts of this village are being converted into a hotel. Besides the very chilling vibes from Corippo, you may enjoy a great view over towards Oscar Valley.

Number seven in our list of best villages to travel in Switzerland is located in the canton of Jura which is the youngest canton of this country. And that is magical center zone. Welcome to what I call the town of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Santos on appears rather innocent. Laying by the river embedded into the hilly landscape of the canton of Shira, this village feels very serene. The center of the village is very beautiful. There are many old houses that have been well preserved and must visit our church and the nearby Abbey. Both places are very quiet and furthermore, our great motives for photography. scientism is also on for some great food laying by the river it’s not too far fetched that fish is considered a local speciality in the villages great to be visited during any time of the year. However, I would claim it’s best during late spring and snowy winter days.

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We’re now moving to the very east of Switzerland. The lower Engadine water is the hometown of Switzerland’s most iconic cartoon figure the shell and nosleep this town charms with its many painted window frames and edges. The locals call this wall decorations scruffy city. Water basically feels like an open air museum as pretty much every house is a great subject for photography. The atmosphere up here is incredibly calm. Definitely a trip to water is going to feel very relaxing. It’s great to come here during any time of the year. Definitely a highlight is to chill on the marks which is held on the first of March. This is when the local kids will chase away the winter spirits by ringing the bells while marching around the fountains a tradition that I really can’t wait to witness myself. We’re now moving to the upper half of this list of the Top 10 villages of Switzerland.

CHELIN – Best villages to travel in Switzerland

best villages in switzerland to travel

all photo credits: unsplash.comNumber five is one of the most typical Alpine villages here and that would be Chelin. Welcome to what I consider being the term up minus the Matterhorn and tourists facing a lot of competition from other attractive tourist centers nearby. Caymans is somewhat lucky of having been able to remain very original and quiet. Chelins is one of the most photogenic villages and no doubt it has one of the prettiest alleys of all of Switzerland. In here it can find plenty of masterpieces of traditional wooden houses. What makes this village especially attractive are the many flowers in front of the windows. This is something that is very stereotypical for the canton of Valais. Very charming is also the creek that is passing through the village and beautifully showcased traditional technology of hydropower. Definitely, Caymans is one of my very favorite villages in all of Switzerland.


Number four is where I’m standing here right now and that is amazing Lauterbrunnen Valley. Located in the Valley of 72 waterfalls, this region has been attracting plenty of tourists over the past decades. lauter Bonin is the most known village in this wonderful Valley. It’s a place to go for capturing this iconic view, just in the background drops to stop a fall which gives flout the bone and its unique appearance and explains why this village has become an Instagram hotspot. The name Lauterbrunnen has a very interesting meaning. It’s translated as plenty of Fountains which couldn’t be any more accurate to describe this heavenly Valley. Some people actually come displays being heaven on earth. Besides exploring this wonderful village, there are a couple of great activities that you can do around here. For example, you can go to the terminal Bach fall, which is quite a highlight. As these masses of water drop within the rocks, I consider it being the most scenic waterfall of Switzerland. I highly recommend to go up to Lauterbrunnen as from there, it can get an even better impression of this magical Valley. And of course, let’s not forget about visiting some of the peaks. And here we are really talking about world famous ones.

It’s very nice to spend your day at Bernese Oberland. This place was featured in James Bond On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, my personal favorite Bond movie as the plot takes place almost entirely in Switzerland. And then there’s the iconic young fellow yo. It’s often named the top of Europe as it’s the highest train station that can be visited on the continent. We’re now moving up to the podium number three is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland right in one dress, and that is magical as a person is what I consider Switzerland’s luckiest village located in the Swiss Riviera. It is right in the heart of the wine terraces, the level from there you have fantastic view on Lake Geneva and the Alps. Basically, a person just sits in a perfect location. That makes one of Switzerland’s best photo spots. This village is best to be visited on sunny days from late spring until golden autumn. Then you can see the colors of the vineyards fleshy green during summer and golden yellow during October November. It first marks the perfect starting point should you choose to go for a hike in this magical landscape. These trails offer definitely some of the previous news that he could get in this country. As Fs is embedded into the level, it is no surprise that this village the economy primarily is based on the production of wines. Yes, this region produces some of Switzerland’s best wines. And does a Hollywood commanded to have a class shooting come up here. The many colorful houses of APS are very pretty, it’s definitely going to be a very enjoyable walk along the main street. Just don’t forget to once in a while take a look down to the lake LC might really miss out some great views.


Number two is located in Northern Switzerland and that is this beautiful medieval village called Stein Am Rhein. Like central sounds done, Brian holds the legal status of being a city, but more likely appears as a village.

With roughly 3000 inhabitants Stein Am Rhein is rather small, and yet it’s one of the most romantic towns in all of Switzerland. Walking through the main alley, you will notice the many painted houses of which each one is telling a separate story. Because of this, I would say that Stein Am Rhein has the most picture center among all of the villages in Switzerland. The medieval vibes are still very present up to the state. And even the culture in here has a lot of influence from the middle age. For example, roughly every five to 10 years one can watch a spectacular D, which is the most old legend of this town. And really amazing is the fact that the center of the village is the state itself. Then also a must visit or the Museum at the old Abbey for the castle on top of the hill, the block one clinging By the way, my great great grandparents were running the restaurant up there more than 100 years ago. There Furthermore, many cafes and restaurants and Stein Am Rhein where he can see the well preserved interior of these medieval houses. My signature recommendation is to go taking lunch at the restaurant Rheinfels, they serve delicious fish.

However, don’t forget to make a reservation there. It’s actually a very popular place. For those of you who enjoy swimming, I would suggest to go for swim in the Rhine River. It’s really stunning to see the old houses passing from the rivers perspective. And don’t forget about a boat tour up to Lake Constance. The landscape around here is actually very beautiful. Before I’m revealing to you the most beautiful bits of Switzerland, here are a few top honorable mentions. April and in the Val de Hong Ellen Balkan Simmons hall for all you in the vault Bhavana Sansa for high level and beautiful blood and emerging town. And now I’m revealing you the number one among the top 10 villages of Switzerland.

Number one goes to the amazing and alluring village called MORCOTE. Morcote just sits in the perfect location at the bottom of the peninsula at the end of Lake Lugano. This village lives in one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. It has quite some similarities with the ones around Lake Como.

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Best villages to travel in Switzerland

Walking through the narrow alleys or on the beautiful promenade along the lake. Morcote is built at the hill, it’s definitely a must to climb further up as the view is only getting better and better. Midway to the top there is this beautiful pilgrimage church the Maria del Sasso so which is very eye catching from the outside as well as from the interior.

best villages to travel in switzerland

Further up there some lookout points with breathtaking views over the village

best villages to travel in switzerland

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the monumental cemetery. It’s very beautiful. And moreover This place is very peaceful. Also great is to take the path of the cross on your way downhill as it’s quite a beautiful trail Morcote is a true hidden gem and a place full of surprises.

best villages to travel in switzerland

And most visit is the Park Scherrer which is a beautiful botanical garden. As you’re walking through the park you’re taken on a journey through the different cultures of the world. There are various temples such as Thai Greek, ancient Egyptians or even Indian was full of such treasures this garden is a true mini paradise Morcote a is also a great place for foodies in here you can taste the delicious flavors of the local the Chinese cuisine. My recommendations are seafood, vitello tonnato, of course, polenta. And for dessert sabbioni and now called base dessert. It’s just delicious. With all these great things that God has to offer and guess this place very well deserves to rank first on this top 10 lists.

Morcote unites all things one would appreciate. It’s come at least by the lake, it’s surrounded by great panorama. The houses are very beautiful, and there are many great viewpoints and it’s just a very romantic place. These were the top 10 most beautiful villages of Switzerland. Let me know down in the comments  whether you agree or disagree with my selection. Now Switzerland is more than Geneva or Zurich?


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