Tripalert, Inc has Merged with Craton – Social GPS Mesh Networking for travellers


Craton App Founded on May 2017 has officially merged with, craton’s core business model is Hotels/flights Price aggregations, finding all the best deals on flights and hotels

– Craton Social GPS Family locator app for travellers also uses a mesh networking system


Added to this, needless to mention Craton is a life-saving app – family locator app when it comes to tracking family whereabouts to make sure they are safe. Always know the exact location of your family members real-time on the map

The Craton app uses state-of-the-art GPS location technology to provide real-time location information for those who have accepted your invitation to join your group and share their location. Just install Craton Family Locator app on your phone and invite your family. After registration, each member is displayed as a unique icon on the navigation map so that you know exactly where they are.

Craton requires the following optional permissions:
• Location services to keep circle members informed of your current location
• Notifications to inform you of your family’s location changes
• Contacts to find other users to join your family
• Photos and camera to change profile picture

With Craton Social GPS Family locator app for travellers you can:
– Share your location in a private group that only your family can see
– Call / Chat/ Video call is activated when you add enough friends
– Discover Last Minute Travel Deals – Book Cheap Flights and Hotels Worldwide
– Easily connect with your family using the GPS tracker in your phone
– Receive notifications when a family leaves or arrives at a place
– See where your family members have been for the past 30 days
-create groups, events, blog, job, book cheap flights and hotels easily

• Users can comment and react and share their post anywhere they want
• Create and post a job vacancy or apply for a job
• View and interact with users’ images and friends and liked pages.
• Users are able to create their own story, published images, videos.
• Users can add their own post and share it on groups & pages and profiles.
• Display all your friends and users which you are following.
• Ability to view users’ images and albums.
• View and share articles with your friends.
• Display your own pages and groups with ability to manage and create.
• Ability to display and create your own products on your app market place.
• Create event around your place and create your own party or meeting from your app.
• Find friends nearby.
• And many more!!!

The Craton mobile app priority is on helping you stay connected with your family and friends. It’s at the same time your personal organizer for storing, saving and sharing photos, and you have full control over your photos and privacy settings. You can choose when to keep individual photos private or even set up a secret photo album to control who sees it.

Plus, Craton app is an entirely new modern social GPS network and multi-layered social network that introduces a new era to the world of social media. Socialize, interact and connect with friends and families and across the world who share the same interests as you! Create your profile under your favorite interest(s).


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